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It is my sincerest desire that this website informs, and inspires teachers and others interested in learning.  In this site I will share ideas about teaching and learning that have been informed by research from the fields of Cognitive Science, Psychology, Neuroscience, and more that I have personally and successfully used in the classroom.

Disclaimer:  I am a normal everyday teacher who has a passion and desire to be a better teacher and a better learner.   I will do my best to cite articles and ideas.   I don't want you to believe me, but to go off and figure things out on your own. 

Teacher Leaders

I believe in the idea of Teacher as leaders.  This means I believe that educators and schools should be leaders of their respective communities. We are tasked with helping to raise and develop all learners from infant to adult.  In this unique positions where we are given the honor and responsibility to help teach people in areas they are unaware of and want guidance in.   That means learners are trusting us as individuals and institutions to know what to do and how to do this. To be truly knowledgable about teaching and learning we need to understand its complexities, how emotion, psychology, brain structure, development stages, family dynamics, and society influence learning.  We should know what science and research says in these areas but also how that translates into teaching and learning. 
Armed with this knowledge and the trust given to us by these learners and the people who support these learners we are in unique positions of influence.  Especially with children and young adults, we have the double duty and unique opportunity to influence both the student and their support network.  I believe most teachers believe this as well and that is why I created this site. 

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