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Simple explanations of a powerful learning concept. This book is for parents and early learners to support strong foundations in learning that can lead to future academic growth and independent learning.

Retrieval practice is a fundamental and powerful learning technique. It strengthens memory and enhances learning by creating stronger and broader connections. It ensures deeper understanding and longer retention, making it a cornerstone of effective study habits for all learners.


Spaced Practice is the practice of retrieving information in small, manageable segments over extended periods to enhance memory and recall. This method significantly improves long-term retention making it a highly effective learning strategy.

Testing, specifically self-testing not only assesses knowledge but also significantly boosts learning retention, embedding information more deeply into memory. This improvement in recall and understanding due to frequent testing is known as the testing effect, making it a key strategy for lasting learning.

The illusion of knowledge occurs when individuals overestimate their understanding or mastery of a subject, mistakenly believing they know more than they actually do.

Why Didn't They Teach Me This In Teacher's College : .... Or In Professional Development

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My hope is that anyone who reads this book will not only gain a deeper understanding of the science of learning, but also be inspired to approach teaching and learning from a fresh perspective. I also hope to connect like-minded individuals, foster the exchange of ideas, and advocate for a better education system that prioritizes these principles. Currently, such ideas are not widely embraced in mainstream education, and those who do think this way are few and far between. Through this book, I aim to bridge these gaps and push for a better education for all teachers.

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