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  • Scott Murphey

Good Places to find rigorous and well documented research on Education.

Recently I was asked where I find good research. This can be kind of hard because most peer-reviewed journals are behind pretty significant paywalls. Also, people tend to look in the wrong place. Most of the good research comes from psychology and neuroscience journals. I thought I'd just put a few suggestions out there on where I find good research to look up.

University Access:

If you are currently going to school, universities have access to online journals that are behind paywalls. Take advantage of that and download any research while you have the chance.


Don't just read books. Take some time to look at the citations in the back. Go look up the research that went into certain claims in the book. If there aren't citations for specific claims, then I would find that sketchy. Legitimate writers/researchers cite their claims.

Open Access courses:

A great example of this is an Ed X course on the science of learning. You can access the resource page and a lot of the citations for the course.


Obviously, you have to be very careful with websites. Here are some of my favorites that I think are quite legitimate and follow the science well.

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