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  • Scott Murphey

Good websites for learning about learning.

I wanted to create a place where I could put good educational websites I have found and share them with others. Here are my top sites I like to "peruse". I will try to put a brief summary of what I like about the site.

A website by cognitive scientists that has a plethora of resources from blogs to podcasts for parents, kids, and teachers on learning. One of my favorite sites.


An outstanding blog. It is one of the reasons I started this blog and I continue to aspire to reach its greatness. It has lots of great information, videos, etc. I highly suggest this site as a place to find well researched information.

Also, it wins awards. :-).


Absolutely phenomenal website where you can interact with real researchers in the science of learning and see others who are asking important and interesting questions about learning.

From the website: Curious about the science behind learning? This is the place to find out more from researchers in the field through questions and conversations with them and with other curious teachers.


I feel this is pretty self-explanatory. Great place for the latest research news in education.


A great site by author Pooja K. Agarwal, Ph.D. Cognitive Scientist, Educator, & Author. She has great resources for free and her book is amazing as well.

From the website: is a hub of research, resources, and teaching strategies based on the science of learning. By increasing access to rigorous scientifically-tested strategies, educators will have the power to transform teaching and learning worldwide.

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